Christmas in Cahokia: Song of the Owl, Book II

The earth has music for those who listen . . .

Veterinarian and owl-lover Ceci Lupo is an oddity—she sees music as colorful dancing notes. Be it sacred music, the song of the owl, or jazz, to her, it’s healing—it’s the voice of God.
      After uncovering a mysterious urn of ashes, then discovering she was adopted, Ceci sets off on a journey to investigate her ancestry. Her search leads her from a St. Louis blues nightclub to the Cathedral Basilica for Gregorian Chant to an archeological dig at the sacred pyramid at Cahokia. As the present overlaps with the past, she learns of an earthbound spirit linked to the ancient Cahokian culture.
      Along her quest, an undiscovered murder triggers a re-thinking of her life. How much of her past can be trusted? And who is she, really? As Ceci unearths her roots, she begins the process of realizing the world is a more extraordinary place than she ever imagined.
      Set in Cahokia, Illinois, home to North America’s largest pyramid, Christmas in Cahokia: Song of the Owl celebrates music and the mystical, as it embraces the truth of who we are.

Sacred Messenger Series

Angels from Ashes: Hour of the Wolf, Book I

True love is like a ghost. Many believe in it, but few encounter it.
   Chloe Clark stumbles on both but, burned by romance and riddled with low self-esteem, she's unable to recognize true love when it finds her. Agreeing to care for her great-aunt Edwina, she travels to Door County, Wisconsin. There she meets Hud, a charismatic Menominee Indian man, who initiates her in sunset cruises on Lake Michigan, the aurora borealis, his tribe's Wolf clan, and the importance of faith, family, and love.

   At her great-aunt's antiquated house, Chloe learns of her family's roles in the tragic Peshtigo Fire of 1871 and the miracles at the Our Lady of Good Help Shrine. Things get frightening when she accidentally summons the spirits of two restless relatives who begin manipulating her emotions.

Faced with the still-unsolved murder of her great-aunt's sister at age fourteen, an ongoing family feud from six decades before, and a vengeful phantom, Chloe must help her ancestors find peace to be freed of their grasp. Can she realize that peace and find true love with Hud?

Karen Hulene Bartell